Features of AngularJS development that are hard to ignore

AngularJS has been the talk of the software development town for almost 8 years now. For a frontend framework, this is a really long and a successful run as there are several other frameworks constantly popping up to take its place.

AngularJS web application development has been preferred by most business owners and web developers alike for developing custom web applications. Even though there are several other frontend frameworks to work with, this particular Javascript based framework distinctly stood out of the crowd. There are several reasons for the popularity of AngularJS and here are some features that contribute the most to its popularity. Here are some benefits that seem to be the most appealing to every AngularJS expert.

Why is AngularJS still popular among developers?

The Google ownership

It is common knowledge that Google owns the AngulaJS framework. So, with such a huge software company backing the framework, it obviously will make it highly reliable. Also, as developers from Google are constantly working on it to further improve it and rolling out all the necessary updates, the open source framework rarely has any bugs or errors.

MVC structure

The Model View Controller structure has helped improve performance of all web applications by separating the logic, process and user interface in modules and thereby simplifying the code and and reducing the code complexity. This way, developers are able to develop fast loading and more responsive web pages.

Code reusability and speedy development

AngularJS offers easy code reusability that enables web developers to reuse and modify old chunks of codes that were developed for similar functionalities and then improvise on it instead of creating the code right from the scratch every time. This speeds up the web application development process. Also, as the AngularJS frameworks supports the MVC structure, AngularJS experts find it easy to develop several sections of the code simultaneously, and speed up the process through parallel development.

Easy testing

The framework lets developers test the developed code throughout the process by supporting end to end as well as unit testing. There are several testing methods in AngularJS that are flexible, effective and simple and developers can use their own ways of testing and as a result create a web application that is free of bugs and errors.

Summing up

There are several other impressive features of the AngularJS framework but the above-mentioned ones are the ones that attract the most attention and these are the ones that draw many software development companies towards angularjs web application development. Also, now that Google has launched the new version of AngularJS, called Angular, frontend web development has taken a high road to innovation and progress of web applications. Every AngulaJS expert around the world has been even more mesmerised by the capabilities of Angular and is trying to explore the framework more and more.


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