Top 5 AngularJS Tool for Application Development

AngularJS a client and server side framework has been winning hearts of the developers and organizations. It is proving to be a very comprehensive framework offering robust and rich features for single page application development and web application development.

Many big organizations are now choosing AngularJS for development. Also, web development experts are choosing AngularJS over other JavaScript technologies as it offers Two Way Data Binding and Dependency Injection. It is faster and more convenient to develop with AngularJS technology. Managed and Engineered by Google Engineers, AngularJS is indeed a path breaking technology in the current times.

Since more developers are using the technology, there are many resources available for development with AngularJS. The resources available will help you in improving the quality of your solutions. Here, we have culled out few of the best tools and app that can help in optimizing web development process for AngularJS Development Experts.


If you are testing application made with AngularJS , then protractor is the right tool for you. It is an end to end testing framework specially made for AngularJS applications. It conducts testing on the application in real time while the users are interacting with the web app. It conducts testing like a user. It supports Angular specific locator strategies that allows specific elements to setup instead of the developer. This reduces your work to a great extent and provides more accuracy to your solution.

Find the tool here:

Angular Kickstart

As the name rightly suggests, it helps in speeding up the development process.  It comes support for Sass + SMACSS and a modular structure. It offers Unit Testing, e2e testing and is build keeping production in mind. It keeps your code reusable. All you have to do is write the code and tests, the rest will be taken care by AngularJS.


It is an amazing tool that is behavior driven for JavaScript web applications. It allows web development experts to test and check the quality of the developed solution.  It comes with Standalone distribution for testing the JavaScript Code. It is not dependent on any JavaScript framework which is the unique part of this framework. It does not require DOM for usage and it offer clean syntax to write tests.


This is one of the tool that certainly the developers love. It allow developers to develop an interactive app with Angular framework. It is a easy framework to start with development in AngularJS. The app made with DJangular will be written in JavaScript with REST API as the backend and data source. It simplifies development for Angular Development experts as it provides ready to use apps where with the help of few tweaks, you have a great app in the making.


If you wish to build the backend for your Angular apps, this tool can come handy for you. It offer high flexibility in development. It comes with API, 3 Way Data Binding and fast development capabilities which eases out development processes. It is a library offered by Firebase so AngularJS Development Specialists happen to love it.

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